Energy Resource Exploration Co., Ltd.

Energy Resource Exploration Co., Ltd.

We supply biomass fuel and provide consulting for power plants.


We are in an age when we need to come face to face with environmental and energy problems and deal with them.

We at Energy Resource Exploration Co., Ltd will find unused biomass overseas and import it into Japan. We will also procure material domestically and supply it to thermal power plants as fuel. We stay on top of fuel-related information and circumstances, both domestically and internationally In order to supply the fuel, which is the lynchpin of thermal power plants, promptly, reliably and at lowcost.

We also provide consulting to those who are considering implementing a biomass energy business to lead their business to success.

Through our business, we are contributing to not only the development of our customers’ businesses but also to a society which uses resources efficiently and without waste, and the diversification of sources of energy.

◆December. 4, 2014 ・Article about the company press announcement in the Asahi Newspaper.

◆November. 27, 2014 ・Joint press announcement with the Mayor of the City of Kitakyushu regarding our construction of Japan's largest solid biomass stockyard in the Hibikinada area of that city.

◆October. 10, 2014 ・Article about the company press announcement in the Nikkei Newspaper.

◆October. 7, 2014 ・Announcement of our plan to establish one of the largest biomass solid fuel stockyards in Japan in Kitakyushu City.

◆July. 14, 2014 ・Start of our website.