Energy Resource Exploration Co., Ltd.

Overview of our business

We are strategically developing our business by not only procuring fuel, but also by providing management consulting to power plants.



For biomass power plants, the stable supply of fuel is a major key to the success of the business. Because of this, we have selected domestic and foreign suppliers who can supply biomass reliably and set-up a storage base in Japan from which fuel will be then sent on to our customers. This fuel storage base will provide an extra level of security in stability of supply.


We provide comprehensive consulting from looking into the appropriateness of a site for a power plant to the power plant operation plan, training of the operator, and maintenance plan. Also, since the initial expenses for a power plant are very large, we also provide advice on related subsidies and loans from financial institutions. We will lead your project to success.

◆Plant Design

We have a good understanding of the environmental conditions demanded by the examination of the site and by using this to determine the construction and specifications of the power plant you can be assured of efficient, safe operation. We will do the basic plant design and have the detailed design drawn up by a major heavy industry company.

◆Operation Management

We will support you in safely operating your plant by introducing a qualified plant operator as required by law.