Energy Resource Exploration Co., Ltd.

Privacy Policy

Energy Resource Exploration Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”) understands that it has a responsibility to maintain the privacy of personal information that obtains through its business dealings and this site and will do so according to the policy below.

1.Company will obtain personal information as a necessary part of doing business through appropriate means. This information will be divulged only after informing the individual of the use of the information and it will be used only for that purpose.

2.Company will not provide personal information to any third party, except when required by a court of law, without consent of the individual.

3.Company will make all reasonable efforts to prevent the leaking or loss of personal information. When having work done by an outside party, appropriate instruction, control and oversight will be provided.

4.Company will train and instruct employees on the appropriate handling of personal information. Also, Company will occasionally re-consider the privacy policy and work to improve it.

5.Company will respond quickly and appropriately to complaints or questions regarding the handling of private information. Company will also respond appropriately requests for revisions and disclosure of private information based laws concerning the maintenance of private information.